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SBP gives new possibilities to customers to get profitable business.

We have worked and developed past 6 years in sustainable business profit together with industries and universities.

Most of the customers can get first profits in sustainable business by working to lower use of energy and water.

Also lowering losts of raw materials is very often a potential way to get profit in sustainable business.

Reusing of waste gives more possibilities to profitable business.

It seems energy consumption could be divided one third for warming+cooling, one third for manufacturing and one third for others.

Practically all production and service are loading the environment.

It is seen that a shortage of professionals is a bottleneck in growing sustainable and cleantech business.

SBP service will be tailored on the customer base.

SBP service can be executed both on outsider and/or on insider research of the business of the customer.

SBP service can include in the customer:

– interviews of the key persons or – work groups with the possible key persons or – other working methods agreed by the customer

SBP is effective from separate projects to comprehensive working.

SBP service can include also an education of the personnel of the customer.

SBP is for small, medium and big size companies.

EMINKO OY is globally in top leading companies in the world in sustainable business.

SBP is an effective, a competitive and an accommodating service.

We serve with SBP the customers worldwide.

Please find also dia from Sustainable development

Mr. Kauko Maatta CEO will give more information by tel +358 44 2840944 and e-mail