New all-electric 60 ton truck for offroad use.

Renewable energy

The electricity we use is 100 % renewable energy.

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New C6 all-electric cable pulling winch

We solved the problem where we can build an all-electric C6 60 kN cable pulling winch with a pulling speed of 0-10 m / s for a 3500 kg trailer. #cable #pulling #winch #electric #all #C6

L30 for special needs

The all-electric L30 truck can also be adapted to the special needs of customers, with a cabin or self-driving. #electric #truck #L30 #self-driving #eminko


L30 amazing full electric 60 ton capacity truck. Please see more information on our home site.

M20 for soft soil

EMINKO EV M20 with Axel drive equipment for soft soil use.

It is excellent in agriculture, forest, snow etc.


EMINKO EV M20 (M20) off-road vehicle and work machine

-Full electric drive

-Developed to mining maintenance serving.

-Will be better in use than internal combustion motor vehicles.

-Power is 70 kW, speed 30 km/h and all 4 wheels drive and steer.

-Vehicle dimensions: Width 1530 mm, height 1810 mm and length 4120 mm

-Pallet dimensions: Width 1450 mm, height 300 mm and length 1700 mm

Mr. Kauko Määttä CEO will be happy to provide more information. Tel: +358442840944 and e-mail:


Specially for both soft and hard surfaces fully electric EMINKO EV M10 LK.

EMINKO EV model 10

We will start manufacturing of EMINKO EV model 10 electric off-road vehicle within 2 months. We have patent applications Nos: 20190058 and 20200041. Looking for potential partners; forestry and agriculture, property maintenance operators, etc. whose traction / pushing tasks would be greatly facilitated by EMINKO EV model 10. The terrain properties of the device are better than those of an ATV. A dozer blade and other tools required by the customer can be added to the device. #electric #vehicle #offroad