We are looking for a M11 distribution ladder and a manufacturer.

We are developing the M11 model for driving on rough and soft ground and on normal roads. The machine power is 10 – 20 kW and the transport capacity is 200 – 500 kg. Operation is fully electric with a rechargeable battery or hybrid. The first off-road tests of the M11 model Proton have been good. We are looking for an M11 distribution ladder and a manufacturer. We can also discuss the sale of the M11 product concept. Due to patenting, we cannot announce much about the M11 model. In the following link there is a small video clip of the use of the M11 Proton in the field: #offroad #transport #vehicle #electric #hybrid

EMINKO OY celebrated its 15th anniversary on May 13, 2023.

EMINKO OY celebrated its 15th anniversary on May 13, 2023. A lot has happened in 15 years. We thank customers, partners and individuals for their cooperation. There are many challenges in the future, towards which we will move forward with respect.

L306 all wheel steering

New L306 serie has all wheel steering. It carries 4 ton – 100 ton loads depending on the structure. It is all electric truck with rechargeable battery.

L304 for road and offroad

The new all-electric L304 serie 4 ton – 100 ton is for road and offroad use. Power 110-350 kW and max. speed 60 km/h. #transport #truck #electric


New all-electric 60 ton truck for offroad use.

Renewable energy

The electricity we use is 100 % renewable energy.

#renewable #energy #work #machines #trucks #transport #eminko

New C6 all-electric cable pulling winch

We solved the problem where we can build an all-electric C6 60 kN cable pulling winch with a pulling speed of 0-10 m / s for a 3500 kg trailer. #cable #pulling #winch #electric #all #C6

L30 for special needs

The all-electric L30 truck can also be adapted to the special needs of customers, with a cabin or self-driving. #electric #truck #L30 #self-driving #eminko