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Value Proposition:

We will help our customers with constructive solutions to get better results and safe operations with sustainable business.

We develop and manufacture all-electric work machines and vehicles. They are so called battery powered machines. Our machines and vehicles tailored to customer needs.


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We have also strong experience in construction in several fields EPC and MMO.

The EMINKO work machines and vehicles for road and offroad use, supplied with cabin, remote controlled or self-propelled, autonomous driven.  


Please find following our models:

Easy-to-maintain fully electric transport vehicle M5 from €5,150 (VAT 0%). Carrying capacity 250/500 kg, pallet size 1370 mm x 1270 mm. Rechargeable battery 48 V. Design right nro 26529. Patent application. M5 size is width 1445 mm x length 2580 mm x height 1280 mm and weight 380/450 kg. Batteries are charged with mains power. As an accessory, it is possible to charge the batteries with solar energy. Solar charging package €1,226 (VAT 0%) and solar cell holder €214 (VAT 0%). Customer-specific customizations can be made to the M5 basic frame. For more information tel: +358442840944, sales@eminko.com, EMINKO OY. Please watch the below videos M5:


New all-electric L304 and L306 series are 4 ton – 100 ton trucks for road and offroad use. The L306 gives all wheel steering. Max speed 60 km/h. They are equipped according to the customer’s requirements regarding transport space and other additional equipment such as a crane, etc. They can be autonomous, remote or operator-controlled. Power is from 110 kW to 350 kW as needed. The battery is fast recharging. Please see following photo links: L304 12 ton 110 kW, L304 24 ton 210 kW, L304 60 ton 250 kW and L306 12 ton 110 kW.

We also have new mobile battery winch C6 cable pulling winch 60 kN with 700 m rope.





EMINKO EV L30 all-electric transport vehicle. Allows a load weight of 60 ton (600 kN). 8 drive and 8 steering wheels. Agile in size to move thanks to 8 wheel steering. The L30 is suitable for transporting goods in factories, pulp mill, saw mill, warehouses, outdoors and mines. The dimensions of the base model platform are width 2500 mm x length 11500 mm. Speed ​​5/10 km / h. Driving power 285 kW. Power can also be customized. Precise movement thanks to electric drive. The pallet and battery are delivered according to the customer’s use needs. Can also be equipped with a crane. Supplied with cabin, remote controlled or self-propelled, autonomous driven.

EMINKO EV M20 off-road vehicle, 72 kW, 30 km / h, 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel drive. The M20 is good for transporting people and goods in difficult rescue sites, both in agriculture and forestry and in mines. Width 1530 mm, height 1810 mm and length 4120 mm. Platform dimensions: Width 1450 mm, height 300 mm and length 1700 mm. Ground clearance 20 – 39 cm. Bigger ground clearence also possible. Towbar.





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In the development of the fully electric EMINKO EV, significant goals have been occupational safety, easy manufacturing and low maintenance costs. For off-road use also good terrain suitability has been developed. The low center of gravity of the machine makes it more stable and the electrical functions require less service and maintenance than vehicles and equipment powered by internal combustion engines. Batteries can be charged with mains power or with portable mobile solar panel charging station. EMINKO EV M10 L with solar panels. We have patent applications.

We will work on base of good Corporate Social Responsibility in our operations. With machines we want to make people’s work easier.

Values: Responsibility, respect, honesty and creativity.

Mission: To produce quality sustainable products and services.

Vision: Leading all-electric work machine and off-road vehicle manufacturer in 10 years.

The carbon handprint of the EMINKO EV vehicles reduces the carbon footprint of our customers.

We use completely fossil-free electricity. 

EMINKO OY celebrated its 16th anniversary on May 13, 2024. A lot has happened in 16 years. We thank customers, partners and individuals for their cooperation. There are many challenges in the future, towards which we will move forward with respect.