Welcome to hear about EMINKO OY

Our main topics are 1. construction, 2. startups and 3. tourism production. We will work on base of good Corporate Social Responsibility in our operations.

EMINKO OY has long experience of different projects.

1. Our construction main areas are EMINKO OY Construction and EMINKO OY Maritime.

2. We have long experience on startups. A working on startups is normally on development sector. A coaching needs of the startups differs case by case. We have worked on Strategy, ROI, Supply chain, Value chain, Production, Export, Selling, Development work, Finance and Management. Naturally we serve startups worldwide.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä CEO at Eminko Oy tells about the Startups.

3. We serve customers in tourism production in fine Kuusamo in North Finland in winter and in summer. You can enjoy at Ruka mountain or elsewhere in Kuusamo. We have many normal and tailor (business) made services all around year. Welcome to peace and clean area.

Please find following nice photo of Ruka mountain in winter:  http://www.eminko.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/542.jpg

-In summer: Adventure tours, wellness, canoe trips, kayaking, rafting, hiking, fishing, events in cottages, golf etc.

-In winter: Husk dog rides, wellness, quidance on husk dog, outdoor days, northern lights, fishing, events in cottages etc.

We can serve from small groups to big charter groups. We have charter flights from Germany to KAO (Kuusamo). We can serve via many means on our visitors. We serve also on individual base, so we will make our service just for you.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä tells about the Tourism.

In addition to above mentioned, We have new processes on business leading. Please see more information from NBS and SBP.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä tells about the NBS method.

Also circular economy and wood are familiar to us.

We are in top leading companies in the world in these areas.

Our strategy is to serve customers by top level work.

EMINKO OY is a reliable partner.

Eminko OY

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