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We manufacture amazing full electric EMINKO EV M10 offroad vehicles.





Please see EMINKO EV M10 SERIE


In the development of the fully electric EMINKO EV M10 SERIES, a significant goal has been not only good terrain suitability but also occupational safety and low maintenance. The low center of gravity of the machine makes it more stable and the electrical functions require less service and maintenance than vehicles and equipment powered by internal combustion engines.

We will be happy to provide more information tel: +358442840944 and e-mail: sales@eminko.com.

It has been nice development project of the EMINKO EV M10. Please enjoy the videos on the development stage.


Our main topics are 1. construction, 2. startups and 3. tourism production. We will work on base of good Corporate Social Responsibility in our operations.

Values: Responsibility, respect, honesty and creativity.

Mission: To produce quality sustainable products and services.

Vision: Leading off-road vehicle manufacturer in 10 years.

The carbon handprint of the EMINKO EV M10 SERIES reduces the carbon footprint of our customers.

1. Our construction main areas are developing and manufacturing of new vehicles, EMINKO OY Construction, EMINKO OY Maritime and in Norway EPC OG MMO TEAM NORGE EMINKO. On vehicles we work for self-steering automated EMINKO EV model 10 offroad vehicle electric and sustainable. Mr. Kauko Määttä CEO will give more information tel. +358442840944, sales@eminko.com

2. We have long experience on startups. A working on startups is normally on development sector. A coaching needs of the startups differs case by case. We have worked on Strategy, ROI, Supply chain, Value chain, Production, Export, Selling, Development work, Finance and Management. Naturally we serve startups worldwide.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä CEO at Eminko Oy tells about the Startups.

3. On tourism production we serve customers on wellness base in summer and in winter in North Europe. Places are Ruka Kuusamo and Lake Saimaa area. We have many normal and tailor (business) made services all around year. Welcome to enjoy peace and clean holiday.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä tells about the Tourism.

In addition to above mentioned, We have new processes on business leading. Please see more information from NBS and SBP.

On the video Mr. Kauko Määttä tells about the NBS method.

Also circular economy and wood are familiar to us.

We are in top leading companies in the world in these areas.

EMINKO OY has long experience of different projects.

Our strategy is to serve customers by top level work.

EMINKO OY is a reliable partner.

We will also keep good digi knowing.